Initializing the Users SDK

An Auth instance is first required in order to create the UserClient needed to interact with the SDK.

Websites that are loading the CDN copy of Users can implement a very basic vanilla JavaScript connection with the following code snippet.

<script type="text/javascript">
var auth = null;
var users = null;

  clientId: 'YourClientId',
  scope: 'openid offline',
}, window.localStorage, function(a) {
  auth = a;

  window['nitroUsers'].init(auth, function(u) {
    users = u;

    // UserClient and Auth are now available!

A JavaScript module application could accomplish the same thing like this.

import { Auth } from '@nitropay/sdk/src/auth';
import { UsersClient } from '@nitropay/sdk/src/users';

const auth = new Auth({
  clientId: 'YourClientID', 
  scope: 'openid offline' 
const users = new UsersClient(auth);