Getting started with Sponsor

Quick start with NitroPay Sponsor

This product allows you to quickly accept subscription payments from your users in exchange for benefits that you define. Our integrated benefit lets you offer ad-free browsing to your subscribed users.

Disclaimer #

This is not an out-of-box user system and we don’t currently offer adapters for common systems. Setup will require an intermediate level of backend and frontend development.

Create a product #

The first step is to create a product in the NitroPay panel. Within your product, you’ll define one or more tiers that offer various benefits and payment terms to your users.

Implement the backend SDK #

We support official SDKs for the languages listed below. Setup instructions are language-specific, follow the links to read more.

Add the client library #

The following code does not require any site-specific updates, but it must be present in the html <head> of your website.

<script type="text/javascript">
  window.nitroSponsor = window.nitroSponsor || {
    init: function() {
      window.nitroSponsor.queue.push(["init", arguments]);
    status: "init",
    queue: []
<script async src=""></script>

Initiate the client script #

After you have verified that your user is authenticated, you’ll need to create a secure token using the backend SDK. Once the token is available in the client, you can initialize the client library like so:

    token: "USER_TOKEN",
    successUrl: "",
    cancelUrl: "",
    product: 12345
  function(res) {
    // success callback

The first parameter configuration is shown above and the second is an optional callback that returns the user response.