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Access new revenue channels with NitroPay

Display ads

Your impressions are offered to every major ad exchange simultaneously, and the highest paying display ad is rendered. Get started with just a few lines of code, made easy with our placement builder.

Video Player

Add instream/outstream video ads to any web page using NitroPay's customizable video player. Curated video content matches the interest of your site's users.

Premium memberships

Offset seasonal ad volatility by offering your users a premium subscription to browse your site ad-free. Accept major credit cards, PayPal, and Venmo without needing to set up or manage any merchant accounts.

Ad-block recovery

Reach the 10-40% of ad-blocking users on your site with ads that are compliant with the Acceptable Ads and Better Ads standards. This feature is built into NitroPay with no additional setup required.

Powerful report builder

Query data to analyze trends and see the revenue impact behind any changes you make to your site using NitroPay's report builder.

Narrow results down by date ranges on daily, weekly or monthly intervals, see side-by-side comparisons, query dozens of metrics and dimensions, filter the data and much more.

Built on trust and transparency

User experience

Our content protection layer actively monitors and prevents ads from executing malicious code, which means no pop-ups or redirects to malware/scam sites. Users can easily report poor experiences with ads, and this data can be reviewed & actioned on.

Painless payments

Get paid as quickly as Net 30 in your currency of choice by SWIFT wires, PayPal, or local bank transfers (where available). Our payment processing partner is available in 210+ countries.

Fee transparency

No hidden costs or platform opaqueness, a breakdown of fees and deductions is always visible on your dashboard. Query how each ad exchange and revenue partner within the platform performs over time using the report builder.

Unmatched support

Highly trained & helpful support staff are available with same-day response times and meaningful resolutions to any issues.

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