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NitroPay is a managed data-driven platform for publishers. Boost your revenue with our industry leading ad technology.

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NitroPay turns your display and video units into items bid on in live auctions by trusted ad networks.

When a user visits your website, the ad opportunities are offered simultaneously to various ad networks who respond in real time with bids. Within milliseconds NitroPay selects the highest paying ads and begins showing them to the user.

Since each of our bidders have their own unique demand, NitroPay publishers typically enjoy net earnings 2-4x higher than if they were using a service like Google AdSense.

NitroPay Product Features

Display & Video Ads

Deploy responsive desktop and mobile ad placements in any standard web banner dimensions. High viewability helpers are available to quickly add floating side ads, anchors, and more.

Analytics & Report Builder

Revenue optimization needs data to work, and NitroPay’s platform-agnostic tools will add evidence to any adjustments you make. The report builder queries multiple data sources and offers comprehensive filtering and grouping.

Content Protection

Publishers and their users are protected by NitroPay’s proprietary content protection layer. All known vectors used by malicious third party ads to inject/execute code (most commonly to redirect the user away) are blocked. Speedy updates are issued when new ones are discovered.

User Reports

Track undesirable ads and monitor user experience with the report tool embedded in the corner of each ad. Reports can be browsed and actioned on (including blocking the ad) in the secure client area.

Campaign Manager

Publishers enjoy the freedom to run their own direct campaigns or house ads with the self-serve campaign manager. Control cost, delivery, scheduling, and target specific devices or geo locations.


NitroPay Sponsor is an optional add-on that hooks into existing user systems to offer premium upgrades. Users can pay on a price/interval defined by the publisher in exchange for ad-free browsing.

GDPR/CCPA Compliant

Trust in one of the first consent management platforms to be certified under the IAB TCF 2.0 guidelines. The CMP is included in the ad script and is only prompted to users in GDPR regions. Additional data processing opt-outs are offered to California users for CCPA compliance.

Unmatched Support

Highly responsive and knowledgeable team members can be reached via live help desk during business hours or email at any time. Specialized technical staff are on-call 24/7.

World-class brands are matched with your audience through our partnerships

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You should know: You must own and operate the top-level domain name(s) you apply with, and each site requires a high level of traffic. NitroPay is a brand-safe ad company, we don't accept sites that promote or distribute illegal, highly offensive or content otherwise inappropriate to the image of our advertising partners.

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