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News Round-up: Google Privacy Sandbox & Generative AI Ad Targeting

IAB Talks Privacy Sandbox

Earlier this month, IAB Tech Lab released its analysis regarding Google’s Privacy Sandbox – and its statements are far from glowing. Several key issues identified regarding industry adaptation of changes required by Privacy Sandbox. These include:

  • Brand safety concerns in regards to advertising integrity, values, and context.
  • Eventual difficulty determining revenue reconciliation with event-based impressions shifting to aggregated reporting.
  • Potential limitations as Google implements both an ad exchange and ad server within Chrome.
  • Concerns regarding Privacy Sandbox potentially neglecting requirements that can result in legal penalties.

TTD’s Privacy Sandbox Concerns

CEO of The Trade Desk, Jeff Green, released a favorable earnings report last week to investors, but he also had his piece to say about Google’s Privacy Sandbox, AdExchanger reports. According to Green, “Privacy Sandbox is an incredibly complex product, understood fully by very few people, which will likely degrade the Chrome experience for publishers and brands, but especially for users.” Google’s efforts to have vendors and publishers embrace Privacy Sandbox could fail, given the lack of understanding of this initiative.

NYT Delves Into Generative AI

The New York Times is working on a generative artificial intelligence tool to explore “new ad-targeting solutions,” Axios reports. The AI tech is being created internally by NYT, and it is anticipated to “deliver a recommendation for where an ad campaign could perform best based on its message or objectives.” It could be helpful in identifying niche audiences, and while advertising brands won’t be able to directly access it, NYT hopes to work with advertisers to apply the tool to their ad campaigns.