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Streamlining Data Protection with the Global Privacy Platform

What is the Global Privacy Platform (GPP)?

Developed by the non-profit consortium IAB Tech Lab, the GPP is a protocol intended to streamline privacy, consent, and consumer choice signals sent between websites and ad tech providers. The GPP, which was publicly released at the end of September 2022, currently offers support for US Privacy, GDPR, and Canada TCF regulations and policies. As more privacy regulations are introduced, they will be added to GPP.

Why is GPP important?

Using GPP allows for the digital advertising industry to more easily comply with privacy policies and data protection laws. It consolidates everything into a single framework, instead of multiple solutions having to be juggled to adhere to changing and expanding regulations. GPP consent signals can accommodate single jurisdictions, or even overlapping jurisdictions, and correctly enforce the appropriate data protections.

How will GPP help publishers?

NitroPay is working on implementing GPP. The streamlining that GPP offers will make it easier for publishers, adtech, and advertisers to maintain the privacy controls needed for users. As changes and additions are made to data protection laws around the world, it will be easier to keep up-to-date and in compliance with the new regulations.

What’s next for GPP?

Several states, including Utah, Virginia, Colorado, California, and Connecticut had new or updated privacy acts go into effect at the beginning of 2023. These will soon be adopted into GPP.