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News Round-up: Cookie Phase-out, First-Party Data, & Bid Duplication

Making the Best of First-Party Data

The Current’s “Asking For a Friend” video series featured McDonald’s U.S. Media director, Alison Ciccione, about utilizing first-party data and its importance to brands. According to Ciccione, “We’re at a point with data in general that if you’re not using it, you’re not winning.” She stresses that this data will tell publishers how users interact with their specific brand, and the importance of integrating it with current marketing strategies.

For more third-party to first-party data information, Digiday has released a large glossary of terms and jargon popping up during this transitional phase. 

AdLook surveyed nearly 200 CPG advertisers about their readiness for the removal of cookies from Chrome, with only 39% of advertisers fully prepared for the change, and 18% “just getting started” with their preparations. Additional statistics include advertising strategy adjustments, site tests for blocking issues, data collection revisions, and more.

The Problem with Bid Duplication

Bid duplication has become a problem, according to AdExchanger, who makes the claim that, “Programmatic auctions are creating so many carbon copies of themselves, it’s threatening to topple the entire structure of programmatic.” With bid duplication, a portion of ad inventory is duplicated many times over, creating a challenge for ad campaigns. AdExchanger states that adtech companies trying to be proactive about bid duplication could instead experience a revenue decrease, and efforts to use traffic-shaping techniques may only make it worse.