Nitro + Overwolf FAQ

Who is Overwolf?

Founded by a group of gamers/creators in 2010, Overwolf is the leading UGC framework and ecosystem for creators, gamers, and game studios. They lead the industry’s user-generated content revolution, and proudly empower thousands of creators to make a living building gaming experiences.

The Nitro team had previously worked with the Overwolf team on prior projects, and we know that the combination of our companies will be an incredibly strong force in the gaming landscape.

Why Overwolf and why now?

The Nitro team needed to bring more firepower to the market in order to give our publishers the best opportunity to make as much money as possible. We have always had extremely strong programmatic performance, but with our lean team and still growing network, we couldn’t give brands and marketers the sort of scale that they needed to see to execute the larger ad buys. 

With Nitro+Overwolf, that will no longer be an issue. Overwolf’s apps and Nitro’s websites combined will now be one of the largest destinations for gamers on the entire planet, and we will be a default marketing buy for anyone looking to advertise to gamers. The sites that are with Nitro now and in the future will reap the rewards of that combined presence.

But, money and revenue aside, both companies originated and grew within the gaming space. EQ, LoL, Dota, WoW, D2, SWTOR, MTG are all familiar acronyms to our teams and we take a lot of pride in where we came from. Finding a like-minded company is a difficult thing to do, and Overwolf approached us only because they knew who we were and what we stood for. 

Together we epitomize the “Support Main” mindset – we are here to empower creators. We will give them the tools they need to grow and succeed. We will hunt for them and with them. It’s truly the best sort of match. 

Why Nitro?

NitroPay (now Nitro!) was built around empowering a different sort of gaming creator, the website publisher. The majority of websites that we help monetize are built by teams (sometimes single people) that are passionate about the games that they create sites for to the point of wanting to craft a tool or knowledge base that people can use to help play a game. 

The Nitro team has its roots in gaming. The founders originally all worked at gaming websites for games like World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Destiny, and that’s why Nitro’s focus has stayed squarely on other gaming sites like,,, and 500 others. The tech that Nitro uses is one that Overwolf is already familiar with, and it was a natural choice to further solidify the creator economy that has been created. 

By bringing Nitro into the Pack, Overwolf has expanded into another portion of the creator space and provided an easy opportunity for existing website creators to look at the app space.

What are the benefits to me (as a publisher) with the Overwolf+Nitro arrangement?

The two biggest benefits are a new net-7 payment schedule and a fully dedicated, global brand partnerships team that is empowering direct sales. This means that you’ll be getting paid seven days after the close of a month AND be able to potentially earn even more revenue through the efforts of the Overwolf Ads sales team.

There will be other small benefits that we touch on throughout the FAQ, but those two are the highlights.

Do I need to sign a new agreement to get the net-7 payments?

Yes, in order to receive the new net-7 payments terms, you will need to digitally sign a new advertising agreement.  

How can you offer net-7?

Net-7 payments are typically not offered by ad tech companies because of the large amount of risk within the advertising space. By joining forces, Nitro and Overwolf have an advertising platform that can withstand such market changes and do that over the long term. 

Will Nitro’s account management and support service be impacted by Overwolf?

Our service to you isn’t going to change at all, and it should only get better as we integrate and expand with the help of the team at Overwolf. Our goal is to bring in more team members from other geolocations to speed up response time and build out more enhanced automation within our dashboard to assist with troubleshooting.

Will there be changes to the Nitro integration? 

No, you won’t need to make any integration changes – everything will be done on the backend to power the service. We expect that additional formats and placements will become available as we scale up our service, and the Overwolf Sales team may bring additional revenue options to the table for publishers.

I’d prefer to stay with my previous contract terms. Is that possible?

We understand that some existing customers will want to stay on their existing contracts. Nitro and Overwolf will honor any existing publisher contracts.

If I have an Overwolf app, should I consider building or bringing my site onto the Nitro platform?

Absolutely! The Nitro platform is one of the easiest integrations on the market, and also one of the best performing. We’d love to have you onboard, and our team is ready to help you get set-up.

Should I build an Overwolf app?

We are happy to get you in touch with the right people that can help you make that decision. Nitro already has a large number of sites with Overwolf apps, so it is definitely something we recommend looking into. 

Are there benefits for people that have built both websites and apps?

Yes! Anyone that has both a website and an app on the Overwolf+Nitro ecosystem will be able to take advantage of the Overwolf Sales team’s full efforts when it comes to selling advertising banners, moments, and everything in-between.

Will there be any changes in the agreement I should know about?

Changes are going to be very minimal (we take a lot of pride in our simple terms), but there are a few that we’re going to be implementing when the new agreements go live at the start of Q3. 

  1. The new agreement terms will have the net-7 payment schedule.
  2. A ninety day termination policy after the initial evaluation will be our new policy to offset SSP payment delays.
  3. Ad serving for display and video will now be applied to deductions prior to payment to prevent any abuses of the faster payment schedule.

Overall the goal is to make sure you – the publishers – are paid as quickly as possible. We do things fast around here, and we want to make sure you can take advantage of that. 

Do you have a roadmap and future plans?

We have a ton in the works! We’ve talked a lot about the shift to net-7 and the upcoming work with our brand partnerships (direct sales), but we’re also going to be spending a lot of time this year expanding our engineering and development team so we can tackle both bigger projects and smaller bugs that have been pestering us for awhile. 

These efforts include more cookieless ID and audience solutions, premium formats, tie-ins with app sold inventory, additional video functionality, and much more.

Is there going to be a transition period and is there a timeline for that?

The Net-7 payment schedule and agreement changes are going to go live at the start of Q3, otherwise things are already happening! 

Finally, will anything happen to my revenue?

In the short term, you’ll continue to receive the same sort of revenue you’ve come to expect from the Nitro platform. The integration won’t be changing and you’ll still have access to all the revenue sources you’ve come to expect.

Over the longer term, you should only see positive changes with the Overwolf acquisition. Combining forces with Overwolf allows us to have a larger footprint in the market, which will drive more spend through our various funnels. Brand partnerships for direct sponsorship and programmatic guaranteed deals will push revenue even higher and further than we’ve ever seen in the past. We’ve already hit the ground running with this and fully expect to see results throughout the rest of 2024.